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Letter Workbook

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Alphabetical Order

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Alphabetical Route Simply shuffle up a set of resistance cards and put them back into thirty as quickly as possible. Knowledge of the alphabet is the gateway to reading and writing, but learning the ABCs doesn't have to be a chore.

Read on to find games and activities to help kids learn their letters while. Bundle of 15 creative alphabet games, including matching, sorting, card and board games featuring both uppercase and lowercase letters. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers learning and practicing the alphabet!

Memory game with letters of the alphabet, a great and free online game for adults. Many levels and themes availables, So come and play! Memory game online for adults - letters of the alphabet. Fun Activities for teaching alphabet letters: Make Alphabet Book Marks.

Write or Print the first letter of a child’s name onto the top of a blank bookmark. Beginning Letters Alphabet Game Place 4 letters around the room on adjacent walls. eg) a, b,c and d. This is a set of printable worksheets for children to work on their ABC's!

Children Trace, Write, Color and Fish! You can cut out the fish and place a paperclip on them to recreate a fishing game with children. Use a dowel with a string and magnet for the fishing pole.

If you’ve used Reading the Alphabet or any of our Pre-K/K Packs, you are familiar with grid games. Reading the Alphabet includes grid game activities, but not for every letter of the alphabet. I’ve had several requests to complete them to have all 26 alphabet grid games.

We’ve also stuck specifically to grid games that count to

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