Struck by lightning movie review

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Collins’ Crypt: With JAWS 2, Lightning (Almost) Struck Twice

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Chris Colfer's many projects outside of Glee include his new movie Struck By Lightning. There isn't much to say about Struck by Lightning, except that it's one of those interchangeable teen movies that lands in theaters in early January, the morgue for films nobody knows what to do 27%.

As a fan of Glee season one, I have a soft spot for Chris Colfer. As a human being with a brain I have a hard spot (that's a a thing now) for Rebel Wilson.

I just think she's the best thing that happened in So I promise you that I went into Struck by Lightning with the best intentions. Sep 19,  · Struck By Lightning.

Chapter Summaries. September 19, by briellenutella. Chapter 1: The main character Carson Phillips talks about himself, his town and his parents.

A sum of his life up until where he is now. Write a connection to another book you have read or a movie. Review: If anybody could lay claim to being the breakout star when the musical TV show Glee became a phenomenon, it was Chris Colfer. As Kurt, the sensitive, gay high-school kid surrounded by.

During the screening, the theater was struck, causing a projector bulb to blow out, adding a 15 minute intermission to the premiere as technicians rushed to fix the problem and let the show go on.

Struck by lightning movie review
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