Powershell write array length

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What's New in Windows PowerShell 0

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PowerTip: Find Number Elements in a PowerShell Array

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Initialize a Byte Array in PowerShell

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I'm new to powershell and trying to get the length of a HashTable (to use in a for loop), but I can't seem to get the length of the HashTable to output anything. Not the answer you're looking for?

Browse other questions tagged arrays powershell or ask your own question. tell us what you're trying to accomplish and maybe we'll be able to provide you a better "idiomatic PowerShell" answer.

Working with Arrays in Windows PowerShell 0

I've never needed to new up an array in PowerShell. The ForEach-Object cmdlet performs an operation on each item in a collection of input objects.

The input objects can be piped to the cmdlet or specified by using the InputObject parameter. Starting in Windows PowerShellthere are two different ways to construct a ForEach-Object command.

When. During the last few months I have been asked a few times to help think of a way to edit list values for lists that contain a lot of data. I immediately thought of PowerShell. Using PowerShell I would like to capture user input, compare the input to data in an Excel spreadsheet and write the data in corresponding cells to a variable.

Powershell write array length
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