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Christian Conference of Asia

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Chingmak Chang receives Citizenship Award for incredible work of Eleutheros Christian Society

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Christianity in India

The missionaries of the different kinds FranciscansPunishmentsJesuitsSportsetc. Methodist Tamil Church, Khadki in Pune is a small congregation consisting of 30 families and it was started in early 's. Though it is a small church but spiritually and numerically growing becoming vibrant for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christianity in India

Ministries Discipleship Evangelizing and Missions Worship Life Journey. Help Salvation Join a growth group Join a Ministry Join our staff Let us talk. Resources Sermons Media. Locations GCF Locations. Events Upcoming events. Give Support GCF. an organ and fellowship of churches and ecumenical councils in asia for initiating and facilitating dynamic christian witness and action.

The Christian Conference of Asia CCA Consultation emphasizes ministry to serve the traumatized migrant workers and trafficked persons. Naga Republic News. Noted social worker from Nagaland Dr Chingmak Chang, who runs the Tuensang district based NGO called Eleutheros Christian Society (ECS), was the recipient of the prestigious A.

Naga City Church San Jose Camarines Sur

Kevichusa Citizenship Award. Committed to the Church and the Country: Reflections on Christian Living in India in Honour of Professor Kurien Kunnumpuram SJ, Pune: Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, The Bible Society of India is the largest and one of the oldest of the National Bible Societies in the fellowship of the United Bible Societies.

TAKING THE BIBLE CLOSER TO THE PEOPLE The various Naga communities have Bibles in their own dialect. We pray for the ministry of the Aizawl Auxiliary and pray that God would richly bless.

Naga christian fellowship pune ministry
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