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Film genres

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Movie Genres

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Buy movie tickets, search showtimes, browse movies in theaters, and find movie theaters near you on Moviefone. Most popular movie genres in North America Films within the drama, adventure, action and drama movie genres generated the most box office revenue in the years between and Adventure films may also be combined with other movie genres such as, science fiction, fantasy and sometimes war films.

Courtroom drama: presents fictional drama about law. Law enforcement, crime, detective-based mystery solving, lawyer work, civil litigation, etc., are all possible focuses of legal dramas. Film Genres: Film genres are various forms or identifiable types, categories, classifications or groups of films.

(Genre comes from the French word meaning "kind," "category," or "type"). (Genre comes from the French word meaning "kind," "category," or "type").

Discover movies to watch by genre. Films organized by their subject matter and selected by experts on AllMovie. Select an icon or film genre category below, read about the development and history of the genre, and view chronological lists of selected, representative greatest films for each one (with links to detailed descriptions of individual films).

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