Modern inventions made us lazy

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What are the famous Inventions of M Visvesvaraya?

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Sloth or Gluttony: Are Modern Inventions Making Us Lazy or Dumb?

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Ever wondered about the people who have made such significant contributions to making our lives so much easier? Information technology helped us again to invent new things, and these new inventions that we have are robots that can act like a human, more hightech computers, tablets, medical mirror, point and print, silicon saver, and many more.

What inventions or discoveries were made in India in modern times? Are the modern inventions guided by the Vedas and other books of knowledge? Inventions are making human lazy. Modern Mechanized Agriculture Quoting Wikipedia: "InWhat are the inventions that were invented incidentally?

Does anyone in the world live a good life in spite of being lazy? What are the inventions that made us lazy. Labor-saving devices are inventions that reduce the time and effort needed to perform or complete a task. Farm equipment, home appliances and construction equipment are examples of mechanical inventions that save time and physical labor.

In agriculture, food and textile production has increased.

Modern inventions made us lazy
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