Directed writing article spm 2014 result

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Directed Writing – Article

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1 Describe an outing with For the new SPM examination format, letter writing is not included in Section B (the Continuous Writing Section). It belongs to Section A (the Directed Writing Section) instead.

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SPM English past year paper essay topics. Jan 15,  · Saturday, 11 January SPM SAMPLE OF ESSAYS - DIRECTED WRITING DIRECTED WRITING: 35 MARKS. DIRECTED: ARTICLE: Factual. Prolonged inhalation of polluted air will result in serious lung infection which particularly affects the elderly.

Oct 12,  · Directed Writing – Article Article is by far, the least complicated essay in terms of format as it has only 2 components: This entry was posted in Examinations & Tests and tagged article, directed writing, english, paper 1, spm, spm english paper 1.

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SPM MODULE 1 Written by: Cikgu Marzuqi Mohd Salleh TOTAL MARKS FOR DIRECTED WRITING Aspects Marks Format 3 Content 12 Language 20 TOTAL 35 Past Years’ Question Year Format Task An article for school newspaper To inform students about the nature club and I nearly lost RM57 as a result of the wrongly totalled bill I was.

Directed writing article spm 2014 result
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