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Chem General Chemistry II Spring The Text-This is the main text for the classes. Lecture content may include more or less than the text content, and lecture content takes priority for exams.

Miscellany Page-Check here for miscellaneous information throughout the semester. Chem General Chemistry II Spring The Text-This is the main text for the classes.

Lecture content may include more or less than the text content, and lecture content takes priority for exams. Select Chem Handouts-A selection of handouts from Chem which are still applicable for Chem Other Links-Some sources of HELP. AUB» CHEM - Introduction to Environmental Chemistry» Notes - Summer / CHEM - Notes - Summer / American University of Beirut - Added 31 Jan by Erik Unspecified instructor.

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5 Magnifications (YBCO) Optical SEM x70 x x x Depth of Focus h=λ/[nsin(α)tg(α)] Depth of focus, h, is the distance from the plane of optimum focus in which the beam diverges by no more than the spot diameter d1. Laser Physics Letters is an international journal publishing Letters dealing with the fundamental and applied aspects of laser science.

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Chem 202 notes
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