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Seeing the gun awesome at her father, she leaves to protect him with her own sake, which is really her native. Crash () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Crash - Directed by Paul Haggis This Best Picture Winner's depiction of Los Angeles race relations features an Iranian family in one of the interlocking storylines.

Apr 14,  · Our class recently watched the film “Crash” and the character that interested me the most was Sandra Bullock’s character Jean. I picked this character in the beginning because I have grown up in an upper middle class family and attended a grade school where many of the students have similar backgrounds.

In Crash two young characters, Peter and Anthony, criticize a white woman walking down the street for moving closer to her husband for fear of the two men. Moments later Peter and Anthony are holding a gun to her head and stealing her vehicle. Summary, Reaction, and Analysis Paper #2: Crash The film, Crash, portrays storylines of persons of diverse ethnicities whose lives clash into one another while struggling to deal with racism.

Throughout the film, multiple characters state demeaning words regarding to other persons of a different race.

Can anyone give me a brief summary of the movie Crash?

Movie Discussion Questions: Crash By: Sabrina Kwist, University of Vermont & Britt Andreatta, University of California What character(s), event, or theme did you resonate with? Why?

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What situation or scene affected you the most? Why? The film shows several intense racial conflicts within a 24 hour period in the city of LA.


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